veiledndarkness (veiledndarkness) wrote,

Four Brothers

Title: Not the Same

Author: veiledndarkness

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: None really.

Summary: Every time he leaves, Bobby feels a little bit more guilty.

Disclaimer: Not mine, no harm intended and no profit made.

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“Do you really hafta go?” Jack chewed on his lip, watching Bobby carelessly toss his clothes into a duffel bag.

“Why do ya ask questions when y’ already know what the answers gonna be?”

Jack shrugged. He reached for the clothes and refolded them neatly. “You don’t hafta go so far though,” he stared down at Bobby’s black hooded sweatshirt, his eyes stinging as he clutched the well worn fabric between his knuckles.

“Jack…” Bobby sighed. “You’re gettin’ too old to pull this shit with me. I hafta work, ok? My record makes it hard t’ find places that’ll take me, you know that.”

Jack swallowed and nodded his head. He held onto the sweatshirt, his knuckles turning white. “It’s not the same,” he whispered. “When you’re gone…”

Bobby crossed the room to him, tilting his chin up. Jack sniffled softly, his eyes red-rimmed. “Hey…c’mon now, don’t cry, Jackie.” Bobby crouched down a little until he was eyelevel with Jack on the bed.

“Will you come back soon?”

“As soon as I can,” Bobby ruffled Jack’s messy hair. “You gotta look after Ma for me while I’m gone, clear?”

Jack nodded, a tear slipping down his cheek. Bobby hugged him, pressing a kiss to Jack’s forehead. “You gotta be good too,” he murmured. “You get t’ all your classes, no skippin’, Jack, I mean it. If I gotta come back to straighten you out then your ass is gonna feel it.”

Jack leaned into the hug, a watery smile on his face. Bobby leaned back after a moment.

“Hey, you wanna hold onto that sweater for me?” he asked. “I don’t have room for it in my bag.”

“Ok…” Jack mumbled. Bobby grabbed his duffel bag, slinging it onto his shoulder.

“Be good, Jack,” he said. “You behave an’ I’ll bring you back somethin’ cool.”

Jack nodded. “Promise,” he echoed.

Bobby flashed him a warm smile. “Love ya kiddo,” he said.

Jack’s lips curved up a little. “Love you too, Bobby.”

Bobby shouldered the bag carefully and left, saying goodbye to Evelyn. Jack tugged the sweatshirt on when he heard the car starting in the driveway, sniffing the smoky, spicy scent that lingered long after Bobby had left. He curled up on Bobby’s bed, staring at nothing as he waited for the pain to fade.


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