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Chasing Ghosts

Title: Chasing Ghosts 15/?

Author: veiledndarkness

Rating: R

Pairing: Implied previous Bobby/Jack, Max/Jack

Summary: Not all those who wander are lost.

Disclaimer: Not mine, no harm intended, and no profit made

Crossover between Four Brothers/Max Payne

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14


Moving through the city while under the influence of Valkyr was terrifying.

Jack, having grabbed his gun from where he’d dropped it on the dock, tried to keep up with Max, but it was difficult at best. The wound in his side was aching miserably and he still felt frozen to the core. He licked his lips, repulsed by the lingering taste of the bitter blue liquid. He’d had no desire to try it, but it had come down to death by hypothermia or ingesting the drug that would allow him to keep moving.

Far above them, Valkryies flew in sweeping circles, the thunder from their wings echoing in Jack’s ears until he was sure that blood must be trickling from them. They screeched and howled, following them through the snow, ashes and flames dripping down between the snowflakes.

Sanity was slipping away from him and he wanted to hide from the vengeful angels, hide until it was safe to come out, until Bobby was there to show him the path to safety. Jack blinked, feeling as though he were running through water, his body moving but his mind far, far behind.

Max…Was it still Max? Jack looked to him as Max loped into the Aesir underground parking lot, his eyes wild, a bestial look to his face. He was blurry to Jack, a fierce hazy image, hissing one worded instructions to him as they approached an idling car, Max armed to the teeth with the guns he’d had near the dock.

The image kept changing, Bobby’s wild eyes taking Max’s, their images mirroring each other. Jack let out a tiny, fearful laugh, the sound bubbling up in his throat and dying on the way out.

Bobby would keep him safe, he told himself over and over. Bobby wouldn’t let him get hurt again. He promised.

Max…he thought it was Max, ran up to the waiting car and wrenched the door open and pulled one of his guns out, firing a bullet right into the left temple of the uniformed chauffeur behind the wheel. Jack stumbled and fell back behind one of the underground support pillars, grasping his gun with slick fingers.

He watched around the pillar as Max shoved the man back in place, against the somewhat open car door. He dashed behind the pillar, his gun at the ready. His breathing came in short, ragged gasps. Jack blinked as the image switched again and he could see Bobby’s lips curled back in a wordless snarl, waiting for the enemies to come just a bit closer.

The elevator doors pinged open and the sound of boots on concrete echoed towards them. Jack closed his eyes, his chest hitching in painfully. The video of soldiers said they felt no fear, but they lied, God, they lied because Jack was so afraid, so afraid of the Valkryies, afraid of the men with guns stalking them, and afraid of Max, afraid of the unhinged man at his side.

He heard the footsteps come to a halt, saw the car slowly rolling forward in neutral, saw the chauffer’s body droop, slump and fall out of the car, down to the ground. Jack clamped his lips shut, another hysterical giggle trying to force its way up.

“Oh shit…He’s not dead, he’s here,” someone’s voice floated over to them.

“Bullshit…” was as far as B.B. Hensley got before Max moved and opened fire.

The bullets slammed into the guards surrounding B.B. and his assistant, taking them down in a flurry of ammo. Max ran at them, firing as fast as both his guns could handle. B.B. yanked a gun from his coat and fired back even as he ran for the safety of the elevator. Jack took a shaky step forward and followed after Max, his finger moving over the trigger.

Flames moved up and over the walls, illuminating the pathway of B.B., glass shattering around the outline of the elevator. Jack took in shallow breaths, firing as best he could, a bullet slamming into the elevator doors as they slid shut, narrowly missing B.B.’s frightened face.

Max reeled, his eyes huge and lost in the haze of the powerful drug coursing through his veins. He let out a wild primal scream of loss, his lips pulled back over his teeth like a mad dog. Jack shuddered, his skin prickling all over. He felt the flames in his mind come closer, losing further grasp on what was really happening around them.

God, help me…


Max ran for the side of the parking lot leading to where the stairs were, his head moving every which way as he searched out the streams of guards that were coming at them. He opened fire, picking them off one by one.

Jack stumbled and ran with one hand clamped to his side. He bit his lower lip with his teeth, choking on his breaths. The gun was a heavy weight in his hand and he found himself raising his arm, firing as well. He heard a yelp of pain, his bullet smashing into a guard’s thigh. Instead of elation at having hit his target, he felt only grief.

They moved from level to level until Max shoved his guns into his jacket, pulling out his shotgun instead. He mowed through the men that ran at them, keeping Jack behind him protectively. Blood sprayed every which way and Jack gagged, willing his nausea to settle, focusing more on the walls of flames that followed them.

He closed his eyes again, opening them when they reached the floor where Jason Colvin’s office had been. He looked about, police line tape wrapped around the room, glass shards coating the floor, blood stained carpeting under their feet, papers and bits of computers littered every which way. Jack gripped his gun tighter, hearing his heartbeat in his ears. The angels were following them, he was sure of it.

As Max moved down the middle aisle, a shooter jumped out, falling back under the weight of the bullet slamming into his head. Another, then one more, Max slaying each as he went. One came around a pillar and fired, the bullet driving into Max’s unprotected side.

Max yelled as he fell, landing on the ground with a grunt. Jack stared down at him, his knees shaking. The shooter came at him and Jack lifted his hand, his wrist wobbling for a half second before he steadied it. The man aimed at him and Jack pulled the trigger reflexively, sending the bullet into the man’s throat.

Blood sprayed backwards and Jack could almost hear Bobby crowing his name in delight. He laughed hysterically, watching the room spin around them. Max was back on his feet in seconds, his breathing beyond erratic.

Thunder roared outside the building and Jack shielded his eyes from the intense bright white light that spilled into the window. Max grunted at the light, sweat pouring down his face. He dropped to his knees as the roaring grew louder. Jack clasped his hands over his ears, screaming.

The floor shook under them, and to Jack’s horror, the window shattered as the flapping sound filling the room above the thunder. Jack fell to his hands and knees as well, scrambling back in terror. The angel loomed over them, vicious eyes gleaming, claws raised to swipe.

The white light shifted and Max’s face changed. His mouth dropped open and his expression softened. “Michelle?” he whispered reverently.

Jack blinked back tears, the white light blinding him. He couldn’t see anything but a vague shape, the slight outline of a body moving closer towards him. Max reached a hand out, his eyes damp. Jack inhaled raggedly, his throat raw and aching. He wished desperately that the angel was Evelyn, come to protect him again.

He flinched when Max screamed. The white light vanished and the ceiling ripped away as flames scorched and ripped through the room, the horrid angels swooping in the hellfire above them. Jack screamed and bent forward, hiding his face in the ground, his body twisting and aching in every part, Max screaming beside him, in rage, in pain.

He couldn’t take it and even as he screamed, as tears ran down his face, he cried out for Bobby to save him from his nightmare.

Gunfire erupted over their heads, the body of a guard falling in front of them, Mona and her vicious looking gun standing behind them. Jack sobbed unevenly, his hands in his hair. Mona crossed the floor to them, her face a study in concern. She knelt close to Max, a hand hesitating over his head.

The angels flew upwards and the fire receded, leaving them with only thunder roaring through the air.

“Max…Max, come on,” Mona whispered, moving her hand over his head gently. “Listen, I can hold them off for as long as I can manage, but you have to finish this.”

Max let out a breathy sob, his shoulders shaking. He moved his head, trembling.

Mona looked to Jack, her eyes dark with worry. “Jack, come on, you need to get up, both of you, now!”

She shoved a gun into Max’s hand. “Max, look at me! Take the gun. You’re not done yet, do you hear me?”

He gripped the gun with whitened knuckles, his chest still heaving with each breath.


“Not yet, Max.”

Jack got to his feet, wobbling badly. “Mona, help him up,” he mumbled, struggling to pull his sanity back under his control. He cringed at the distant rumble of wings overheard. “Can’t do this alone no more.”

She gripped Max’s arm and heaved upwards, bringing him up with her. Max leaned against Jack, his eyes wild once again. “B.B.,” he spat. “Killed them…he killed her!”

“Go get him,” Mona said into his ear.

Max nodded, holding the gun close to his chest. “Get him,” he repeated. He staggered towards the door and kicked at it, disappearing into the next room.

Jack wiped at his face with his arm, sniffing. “He’s gonna die like this. It isn’t right.”

“Don’t let them then,” she commanded, pushing at him. “You protect him.”

Protect him…Jack felt his shoulders stop trembling. Protect Max…For once, he could protect someone else.

“Go, I’ll hold off the guards,” she said, hurrying out of the room.

Jack took a deep breath and ran after Max, following him as he made his way to B.B.’s office. Max burst through B.B.’s door, screaming his name. The office was empty but for the fire and brimstone outside the huge glass window.

Oh God…Jack stared as the Valkryie flew right at them, slamming into the window and leering at them, its claws scraping over the pane of glass. Jack crammed a hand over his mouth, fighting back his instinctive shriek.

Max hammered his fist on the glass, shouting back at the screeching angel when a sudden explosion rocked them both, the glass before them shattering, sending both men hurtling to the carpet. The angel vanished in a hailstorm of wind, snow and shards of glass.

Jack threw his arms over his head, shielding his face from the flying glass. Max rolled onto his side and knelt, shaking violently in the cold wind that immediately flooded the room. Sirens screamed far below, people shouting and yelling over the buildings’ debris that fell to the ground.

“Jack,” Max held out a hand, helping him up. “Go.”

With great effort, Jack got to his feet, reeling from the drug, from the euphoria that was traveling through him and beginning to fade ever so slightly. He gave a dazed nod and limped from the room, moving up and up, chasing the stairs that led to the top of the office building.


Jack was a step behind Max as he burst through the door to the rooftop, to where the helicopter pad was. For one split second, he opened his mouth to warn Max, but it was too late, B.B. had his gun aimed at Max and he was firing, sending two bullets into Max.

A silent scream tried to leave him, a denial springing to his lips. Max hunched over, sliding down to sit on a cement step as B.B.’s finger slammed the trigger again. The gun clicked several times but the bullet chamber was empty. B.B. looked down at the gun, naked fear on his face.

Jack brought his finger down and with deep pleasure, sent a bullet at B.B., guiding it into the shoulder of the man who was supposed to have cared for Max like a son at one time. B.B. stumbled back with a pained cry, his hand clasped to his shoulder protectively.

Max lurched forward, limping closer to B.B., the snow and wind slapping at all of them. Jack took a few hesitant steps, wary of B.B. and any other tricks he might pull. He kept his gun trained on him, itching to fire again until every last bullet was pumped into the man’s body.

“You want my confession first, Max?” B.B called as he dropped his gun to the ground. “You want to know what I was thinking when I killed her?”

Max lifted his gun, his hand steady. He said nothing as he fired the bullet that drove itself through B.B.’s middle, blood spraying into the wind. B.B. dropped face down onto the helicopter pad, his body hitting with a thud.

Jack exhaled a breath, his eyes wide. Max looked up at the sky, a tear running down his cheek. He dropped his gun, unaware of the blood that ran down the front of his leather coat. He lowered his body down to his knees and stared out across the city, watching the sun peeking just above the horizon.

Jack moved without thought and knelt at Max’s side, resting his head against Max’s shoulder. He focused on the sound of his own breathing and of Max’s, his exhausted body giving up on him. Max sighed slowly and softly, his bloodied fingers entwined with Jack’s as the doorway filled with heavily armed officers and their guns pointed at their backs.

With a worn smile, Jack tilted his head to watch the sun rise. He thought only of home right then and how nice it would be to go back.



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