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Title: A Human Link

Author: veiledndarkness

Rating: R

Pairing: Deacon Frost/Scud (Josh)

Summary: He’s caught in their world, trapped in the middle of their fight.

Disclaimer: The characters within are not mine, no harm is intended, and no profit has been made.

*I’ve messed about with the storylines from Blade & Blade 2. For now, let’s pretend neither movie went as we’ve seen it.*



He wasn’t all that fond of the sun before.

The sun seemed to find him, chase him into the shade and burn his pale skin if he dared to step out from the relative safety of where ever he’d ducked under to hide until dusk. He didn’t care for the way his skin burned so easily, the way his skin itched and ached and peeled if he wasn’t careful enough.

Now he found that he missed the feeling of warmth, he missed the feeling of heat spreading over his face and neck, the sunbeams searching out his skin eagerly. Funny, how you don’t miss something until it’s taken away from you.

Now he found the chill of night to be his companion and he couldn’t get warm to save his life, that pitiful meagre existence he’d had before…before everything had changed and left him in this place, guarded by beings that might well have been statues were it not for the way their eyes followed him, trapped high above the ground in a cold mausoleum that reached into the sky.

He laughed a little and trailed his hand along the wall, feeling a chill slip into his fingers, a cigarette hanging idly from his other hand as he ambled about the room, the stars glinting in the skylights above his head. He thought he might be able to touch the stars someday, if he’d been allowed to go outside once in awhile.

But outside was dangerous. The building reached up, up into the clouds, up so high that he dared not step too close to the door, having heard from him exactly how far off the ground he currently was.

He wasn’t all that fond of heights either. More so now…

The sky stretched on and on and he sat against the wall, smoking and watching the stars glint back at him and he laughed again. He didn’t believe he was safer here either, no matter what he said.